Section 16 Quadratic Equations

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QD 2: Graphs and Solutions of Functions in the Form of ax² and ax² + c
QD 5: Converting from Factored Form to Standard Form
QD 6: Factoring Equations in ax² + bx format
QD 7: Factoring Equations in ax² + bx + c format with a = 1
QD 8: Factoring Equations in ax² + bx + c format with a Not = 1 using Guess and Check
QD 9: Special Factors - Difference of Two Squares
QD 9sb: Special Factors: Squares of Binomials
QD 10: Factoring 4 Terms by Grouping
QD 11: Using Grouping Strategies with Trinomials
QD 12: Getting to the Root of it All - Finding the Roots and Solutions by Factoring
QD 13: Using Roots to Find the Axis of Symmetry
QD 14: Using the Axis of Symmetry to Find the Vertex Point
QD 15: Graphing Using FRAV
QD 16: The -b Over 2a Shortcut
QD 17: Writing the Vertex form of a Quadratic Equation
QD 18: Stating the Vertex from the Vertex Form
QD 19: Converting from Vertex form to Standard Form
QD 20: Solving Equations by Taking the Root (ax² + bx)
QD 20splat: The Splat equation
QD 21: Solving Vertex Form Equations by Taking the Roo
QD 22: Solving Equations by Completing the Square
QD 24: Using the Quadratic Formula
QD 25: Imaginary Numbers
QD 26: Complex Numbers